Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers in the most cost-effective manner possible. You can help us save your company time and money by following the a few simple guidelines for ordering materials.

Ordering Guidelines:

  1. Have an accurate count of the number of student guides you will need.
  2. Have an accurate "ship to" address that includes a contacts name and phone number.
  3. Plan to order materials at least two weeks prior to the class start date. This insures on-time delivery and allows the use of the least expensive shipping methods.
  4. Email your order to
  5. Follow up with a phone call to 386-753-1875 to confirm receipt of your order.
  6. If you are a new customer, please include at least three references that can verify your credit standing. Company name, contact name, and phone number should be included.
  7. Be sure to include a purchase order number with your order.
  8. Sign and fax a NON-DISCLOSURE statement to 386-668-2355. Orders cannot be processed if this document is not on file.

Ordering information and price guidelines:

  1. Our student guides range in price from $175 - $250 depending on the subject matter, length of course, quantity ordered, etc.
  2. We do not have a minimum order quantity. Orders of 5 or more will include a complimentary copy of the student guide for instructor use.
  3. All orders will include supplemental instructor materials specific to each course.
  4. Shipping is not included in courseware pricing.
  5. Orders that require express shipping (3-day select, 2nd day air, or overnight) will be assessed a rush order charge. This is based on the number of copies ordered. Unfortunately, our printer does not have a sense of humor when they are required to work overtime to accommodate us.

Payment Methods:

  • We accept company checks, electronic funds transfers, cashier's checks, and money orders as payment. We also accept payment via PayPal. Our payment terms are NET 15.

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