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Sand Dollar International's (SDI) specialty is traditional, instructor-led classroom training. Classes are 4 or 5 days in length and accommodate up to 12 students. Classroom materials are provided as part of the training package. Travel is an additional expense. See our Course Catalog for a complete listing of instructor-led classes we offer.
A non-traditional training that is coupled with team building exercises, food, and entertainment. This training takes place in the Florida Keys. Call for scheduled training events.
Sand Dollar International has introduced a new concept in training. Micro-training provides training for very small class sizes of 1-3 individuals in their own working environment. With this concept, we can train your students in a way that is customized to your environment. Training can continue for as long as is necessary to get your staff up and running in a new or existing environment. Our professional staff can walk the students through a complete system set-up, or just provide them with a refresher course that updates skills and provides new information.
Micro-training can take place in as little as three days or for as long as six months, depending on the needs of your organization. Because the groups are very small, the instructor can immediately address the needs of each student. Students will learn basic techniques as well as those that are very specific to their own systems. The instructor is able to work through problems with the student so they will have a better understanding of their own system and will be knowledgeable on how to troubleshoot in the future.
This system is excellent for system administrators, companies that are transitioning to UNIX or LINUX from another environment, or companies who have purchased new computers and need to train one or two professionals to set up and maintain their new systems.
Micro-training can combine video training and mentoring to meet specific customer needs and provide a program customized to meet the needs of each student and answers questions specific to their own work environments.
This training is purchased on an hourly basis with a minimum commitment of twenty-four hours of training. All materials are included. Travel is additional.
Our mentors provide training that is customized to meet the needs of a specific individual. This training is designed for individuals and provided within their own work environment. This works well for a student that must spend a portion of each day maintaining their work load.
Our team of specialized technical writers, web designers, and marketers can provide copywriting, authoring, editing, course development, and technical writing services when they are not on assignment. Typical rates range from $45 - $125 per hour, depending on the assignment. Our team also employees a small, in-house writing staff that is available on an as-needed basis.
This service is provided in our office for one or two students. Classes are taught on the same premise as traditional classroom training, but with more individualized interaction due to the small class size.
Most of SDI course materials can be licensed for in-house training. Courses are licensed to groups with a minimum of five students.Licensing fees are based on type of course material and length of course. Existing course materials within can be customized to meet your exact requirements. Please contact SDI for detailed information on course licensing
This package couples our traditional training with an adventurous activity. We can provide a snorkeling expedition, hiking, kayaking, helicopter flights, cruise packages, indoor rock climbing, whitewater rafting, or other activity with our regular classroom training. If your company can conceive it, we can provide it! Price depends upon event and is customized for specifically for every group.
Need a technical speaker for a special event? Our subject matter experts, coupled with their instructional and speaking abilities, are available for virtually any speaking engagement. They have the skills necessary to develop clear and concise lectures and present them to a wide range of audiences. Contact SDI for additional information and to make speaking arrangements.
SDI can assist any corporation, large or small, in planning the training required for your employees, from basic to advanced. Contact us for additional information.

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